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Free Products

All our Black Hawk Athletes get clothes worth up to 500€

After we have confirmed you as a Black Hawk Athlete, you will receive a sponsored box with a selection of our products. You will also have the opportunity to get your hands on new collections before they hit the market!

Commission & Affiliate

Inspire others with our clothes and get a commission of up to 20%

All of our Black Hawk Athletes start with a 5% commission. Depending on how well you sell, the percentage increases quickly. You also get discount codes for you and your loved ones.

Career Opportunities

We reward good work. If the conditions are right, we will be happy to retain your good work for the long term.

We are very happy to reward commitment and good work! Our Elite Athletes get employment by common agreement. You can find out how to get there on this page.

Black Hawk Pyramid

Our structure

What we expect &

What you can expect

Pro Athlete
Elite Athlete

Level 1 – Supporter

Everyone who registers on our site is a supporter and has access to the following benefits:

  • 5% coupon (2 times)
  • Individual affiliate link (5% commission)
  • Access to exclusive presales and limited editions
  • Access to an exchange form
  • Access to discount promotions
  • Automatic promotion to Level 2 – Athlete if you initiate many sales (we will contact you).


What we expect:

  • No requirements – it is completely optional for you and without any disadvantages


Level 2 – Athlete

As an Athlete, you represent the brand and can look forward to the following benefits:

  • Sponsored Box with articles worth 40-500€
  • 10% coupon for you and your loved ones
  • Individual 10% discount code (5% commission) e.g. “max10
  • Individual affiliate link (10% commission)
  • Early access to new collections


What we expect:

  • Passionate representation of the brand in all areas (private, social media, in sports,…)
  • At least 4 images/videos/reels per month with linking to our Black Hawk channel (including our hashtag #blkhwk)

We would love to welcome you as a Black Hawk Athlete. If you have any questions or would like to apply directly, click on the link and send us a message.

Level 3 – Pro Athlete

As a Pro Athlete you have all the benefits described in Level 2 plus:

  • Individual upgrade for your coupons or affiliate links
  • Invitations to paid events or shoots
  • paid marketing campaigns
  • Support for your social media channels
  • Free video or photo shoots for your content
  • Access to our Pro Athletes community to network and support each other
  • Involvement in many company processes (new collections, events, sponsorships, etc.)


We expect the same requirements as in level 2 and additionally:

  • You start at level 2 and after at least 4 weeks you can apply for level 3
  • As a Pro Athlete, you should be above average in at least one sport
  • You are to present Black Hawk at competitions

As a rule, all Black Hawk Pro Athletes must first pass Level 2. In some exceptional cases, however, the phase can be skipped if you can convince us of your added value. We are looking forward to meeting you!

Elite Athletes

As an Elite Athlete, you will be employed by us (part-time or full-time). The requirement is that you have been a Pro Athlete for a certain period of time. We will clarify the exact conditions individually and personally.

Do not miss your chance

Black Hawk is going to grow



We are future-oriented and want to achieve a lot! Preferably with you.



Fixed working hours? Fixed workplace? Fixed hirachy? No thanks. We think differently and are convinced that we work more productively as a result.



Our community is extremely supportive. Become a part of it.


Black Hawk Events

We save money by not paying for office space. That’s why we regularly organize events for our team. Legendary events!



We think the world is enough in hectic and stress. We are completely relaxed and want you to be too.



We love obstacles and mistakes. That’s how we grow. That is part of our philosophy and that makes us strong.

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Please keep in mind that we only accept people directly as Pro Athlete - Level 3 in exceptional cases. Normally all Pro Athletes first go through Level 2.